Number 2 in my series of learning cast-on methods is the Knitted Cast-on.

Diffculty – Easy/Beginner — When compared to the Long tail method I find this technique to be easier to learn. As I worked this cast-on I found that I tend to make the stitches much tighter so …if you have a tendency to be a tight knitter or if you are not sure yet, work these loosely to start.

Use – A stretchy border that can be used for just about any knitting

What you need:
A ball of yarn
Needles that are the appropriate size for the yarn
-You will need to use both needles to do this cast-on

The knitted cast-on is just what it’s name implies .. the knit stitch is used to create your first row of stitches.

Many feel that this is a great beginner method because you are learning/doing the cast-on as well as learning how to make a knit stitch.

Step 1

Create your slip knot, if you haven’t done one before see my post on the Long Tail Caston

Hold the needle with your slip knot in your left hand. Insert the other needle into the slip stitch from the front to back, inserting it into the stitch from the left side.

Step 2 –

Wrap the working yarn (the yarn that attaches to the ball) around the right hand needle from right to left (counter clock-wise)

Step 3

Slide the right needle down and under the left needle pulling the yarn with it and drawing the yarn up in a loop.

Step 4-

Transfer the loop from the right needle onto the left needle. ***Note – some people transfer the loop directly on to the needle without turning the loop and some turn the loop by rotating the right needle so the tips of the needles are pointed in the same direction. Either way is fine, just be consistent and do it the same through the entire cast-on process.

Step 5 –

Do the above steps all over again.

If you have any questions on this method please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can ..

Thanks and Happy Knitting !

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