What a great time I have been having knitting, creating and making friends in this exceptional community. It has been a while since I have posted and trying to stay true to my New Years plans I am working on creating fresh content here.

Recently I shared some great information about organizing your yarn stash. My intention was to immediately follow up with how the organizing was working for me. Since I got so busy knitting and working I put off writing my post. So far the organization has been working very well.

I have outlined the process I took to get myself organized below.

Step 1 – Pull out all of your yarn

I had yarn literally everwhere, in bags, in boxes, in storage containers…you name it. I hauled my yarn out and put it all on my living room floor.

There was much more than shown in this picture!

Step 2 – Sort it

Sort your yarn into categories that make sense for you. In my case I sorted by my use for the yarn. I put cottons together, bulky yarns, sock yarns , specialty yarns, miscellaneous yarns, and art yarns. You could also do it by color, by weight or by project it will be used for.

Step 3 – Take lots of pictures

I recommend taking a picture of the yarn with the brand and name of yarn in the picture.

Also take a picture of the specific details that are important to note. Since I am using Ravelry I needed to capture the weight, dye lot, yardage, needle size and color way.

Remember, you are taking these pictures for yourself. Even if you plan to use Ravelry, your pictures don’t need to be perfect. This is your stash and you are simply capturing information for yourself.

Step 4 – Keep a note book

I know, this sounds counterproductive, but I promise you need to do this. My notebook looked something like this;

Yarn name, Number of Skeins, Where is it?
Patons sock 2 Top drawer of yarn storage unit

By doing this you have a reference point no matter how you end up organizing your yarn. Using the Ravelry site allows you to enter where you are storing your yarn so keeping this detail written down somewhere will help when you enter your stash into their website.

Step 5 – Put all your details together

Again , no matter whether you plan to use Ravelry or some other method, you need to put your pictures somewhere along with the number of skeins you have and where you are storing it. This part is undeniably the longest part. In the end when you need to find a yarn to match to a project you will know where the yarn is , how much you have, the color choices etc.

Next piece will be using Ravelry .. stay tuned !

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