Happy New Year to everyone!

As the New Year starts, resolutions always abound. It is no different for me. We all know it is easy to speak about what we want to do and much more difficult to put it into action.

I just recently pulled all of my yarn out and thought I had organized it but it really wasn’t working for me.
I have yarn just about anywhere I can stash it and needles that never seem to make it back to their home in my needle cases. Projects get started and started and started with no home.

As I sit and knit my mind inevitably moves to that next project that I want to start. I think about what I want to have ready for My Shop but I also want to knit for the fun of it. In order to do any of this successfully means I need to have a plan. I decided to list out the things that were most important for me to do this year.

After putting together the list above I started thinking about the one thing that was most important to do to see these goals through to success. It was at the bottom of my list.


For knitters,crocheters,fiberartists and crafters organization that works can be a challenge.
Anyone who works with yarn and fiber understands the attraction to beautiful yarn, we buy it and then need to find it a place to live in our home, with all the other lovely yarns we purchased before.
Each person is going to have their own preference on how they want to store their yarn and there are probably as many sites on how to organize and store it as there are skeins of yarn to each artist.

I know my personal wants include:

Keeping these in mind I sought out some sites that helped fulfill those wants. I found three that I have shared below.

Lion Brand – 12 tips on how to organize your yarn stash

WEBS Yarn Store Blog get organized

Knits for life has a FANTASTIC idea – well worth the read, she is funny, witty and a genius! The world’s best yarn storage

Ravelry ( very quickly becoming my best friend ! ) just posted an article on this very topic of storage and stash organization. You can find it HERE , it was posted 1/6/17 and is title “TIP- 3 things to do on Ravelry in the New Year”.

Ravelry (as I just learned) has an option to add your stash to their site. In a nutshell you picture it , save it , organize it and even link patterns or projects to the yarn. You can even indicate where in your home you have stashed the yarn! Now that is clever!

With all these great ideas I can’t wait to get started… but first I need to knit for a while LOL!

Sam Howzit
CC 2.0

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