Tonight I fell in love!

It’s true, I don’t know where it’s been all my life!

I fell in love with the mattress stitch.

I am sure this is something many of you may be familiar with. I have heard of it but have never used it myself.

The mittens I am working on are knit flat, instead of in the round. The pattern calls for seaming up the side using the mattress stitch. As indicated, this is a seaming technique, not a knitting technique.

I usually take the quick way out and just whip stitch up the side and call it done. These mittens were being made for my daughter. I had already done a lot of work to make them and I wanted to make them as pretty as possible. So I decided I needed to go all in and seam them the right way.

I am so glad that I did. The mattress stitch is not difficult to do nor is it hard to follow. The cool thing about it is it lets you join your pieces or edges together with no visible outside seam. It should be worked with the color yarn of the pieces you are seaming together but it doesn’t have to be. Suppose you had two opposing pieces that needed to be joined but one was black and the other white? No worries , the yarn is completely hidden when the stitch is complete. The best part? … Once you are done you pull the yarn and it closes the seam and looks SO cool while it is doing it!!

Visit this Mattress Stitch seam video to see how to start the mattress stitch, work it all the way through and end it. I followed along just as she showed in the video and mine worked great. I even started it on ribbing before moving on to stockinette part of my mitten. I had a slightly difficult time determining which piece of yarn to stitch under but I followed my gut and had no trouble, I just took my time. If you prefer to learn how to do this specifically for ribbing, stockinette, garter and so on, there are a variety of videos, pictures and written tutorials to follow.

Mine started like this


When I was done it looked like this, the seam is between the blue area and the grey area next to it. You wouldn’t even know it’s there!


I am a fan and will be using this technique a lot more from now on.

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