My knitting started as a way to be creative.  I wanted to make something with my own hands, feel the pride of having done it myself.

I started out as many knitters may have,  I bought a crochet hook ( yes I said crochet hook! ), some yarn and a book that taught me to crochet.  My first attempts were awkward and time consuming, not to mention the calls to my mother to help interpret the pattern!

Once I was able to crochet several items I learned that crocheting is great fun and very relaxing but I wanted more.

Another trip to my local craft store!  This time I returned with knitting needles, more yarn and a book on learning how to knit.

Knitting was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated but it also seemed quite natural after having crocheted for a while.  My first attempted project was of course     something simple.  I made a scarf … it has been a while so don’t ask what yarn or kind of scarf it was …. lol !!

I have been knitting now for a few years and always seem to find the calling to sit down and knit once fall comes around.  I would really enjoy knitting year round but life often gets in the way. Learning new stitches and techniques are my favorite things to .. currently I am knitting a cable blanket, a prismatic scarf and a blanket for my daughter.

Starting and not completing projects is one of my dilemmas.  I get excited about learning something new and once that excitement wears off I move on to the next thing.


Blanket #1









Scarf #1



Soooo…. I love to knit .. if you do too , let me know !  leave a comment !  share your story with me!


Thanks for reading !!

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  1. Is it too late to leave a comment?? I have the same thing – I get to a certain point in something I’m working on and then my head is turned by a new, sexier project, with new, sexier yarn. I can usually resist, but sometimes……..???

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